The Playbook For The Modern Man

How Your Fragrance Choice Defines You

You can tell a lot about a man by his fragrance choice.  Fragrances have a personality and tell a story, your story. Light, subtle fragrance generally denotes an easy going character, where a richer, deeper fragrance can indicate a more complex personality. Don’t be afraid to change up your style of fragrance every now and then, after all there are many different facets to your personality. Whether you’re slaying it in the board room Don Draper style or channelling Kelly Slater, your fragrance is a mirror of who you want to be.


Fragrance1Fougére fragrances are green and fern like, reminiscent of a pine forest. If you chose a Fougére fragrance, perhaps you are a rugged outdoors man, the kind of man who can chop the firewood, build a roaring fire and then sit back and admire it with a single malt whisky in hand. You love to get away and breathe in the clean country air; bliss for you is a weekend away in the great outdoors or skiis strapped to the roof of your Range Rover in winter.



If you select a Citrus fragrance, you are likely to be sporty and athletic. You like clean, fresh scents that compliment your active lifestyle. You are the life of the party and love being the centre of attention. People are attracted to your fun approach to life as you enjoy making people laugh. Citrus fragrances are fun and energetic, just like you, and are perfect to wear if you’re out on the town or at the gym.



Marine fragrances are perfect for those that like to be in the water. When the weekend rolls around, with board under one arm you are off to the coast to surf or windsurf. The ozonic notes and salty tang of the fragrance remind you of the wave you caught before your meeting this morning. You are a pretty easy going guy, and are happy to go with the flow. Your style is casual and effortless and you are often admired for your laid back approach to life.



The man who chooses a woody fragrance is engaging and a born leader. Sophisticated and polished, style is important to you, whether it is in the boardroom, date night with your lady or out for a drink with the boys. You pay attention to details such as the cut of your suit, the turn of a cuff and your watch. You also know that shoes maketh the man.



Do you sport facial hair? Have a fondness towards the man bun? Work in the arts or advertising and ride a fixie? Then an aromatic fragrance could be for you. You like to make it appear that your look is effortless, but actually a lot of thought has gone into it.  Aromatic fragrances appear very simple but are quite complex with lots of invigorating and uplifting notes. They are herbaceous and quite a traditional fragrance style, but can have a very modern edge.



Are you the brooding, strong silent type?  Do you wear a leather jacket and perfectly scuffed boots when riding your matt black motorcycle? Leather fragrances are the obvious choice for you as they match your mysterious personality: a man who doesn’t conform. You are daring and wouldn’t dream of running with the crowd.

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The playbook for the modern man

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