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Take A Walk Through Michael Jordan’s $14.9M Mansion

The name brand Michael Jordan carries with it unscrupulous amounts of power and influence. And with great power comes great riches. How rich are we talking? Try Michael Jordan’s US$14,885,000 mansion estate which has just been listed on the property market.

Such is the size of the estate that the 56,000-square-foot (5,200-square-metre), 9-bedroom, 15-bathroom home in Highland Park needs three separate walk-through videos just to highlight its extensive features.

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Kofi Nartey is the man charged with helping Jordan sell the property and explains that “some opportunities only come once in a lifetime. This is one of them.”

He’s not exaggerating either. The humble abode of the basketball legend comes with a regulation basketball court, tennis court, wine cellar, gym and movie theatre. Interest not yet piqued? How about a circular pool complete with a grassy island perched in the middle?

Make sure you ask mum and dad to help out on the deposit for this one.


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