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MotoBot The Robot Motorcycle Racer: Creepy Or Cool?

Self-driving cars are so last week. As fun as Tesla’s autopilot function was, we’ve moved on to something new – something so advanced, it doesn’t involve a human at all.

This little blue guy is MotoBot, Yamaha’s new self-driving motorcycle rider concept. It was created to test rider safety and support systems for living, breathing racers, but the prototype is making bigger waves for its AI functionality.

A new video shows MotoBot reaching speeds of 150 km/h as it takes to a racetrack entirely by itself. It even revs the throttle. Sure, that part is cool. And it’s kind of adorable that MotoBot needs training wheels. But then you focus on the audio.

“I was created to surpass you,” it announces in a creepily child-like voice. “I am improving my skills every day.” It doesn’t yet threaten to shoot lasers out of its eyeballs or upgrade you like one of Doctor Who’s Cybermen, but we assume it’s only a matter of time.

A chilling reminder of the future under our android overlords, just in time for Halloween.


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