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Nike Unleashes CR7 ‘Savage Beauty’ Mercurial Superfly Boots

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Everything is sacred in the world of football and Nike is celebrating this very fact with its latest tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo. Chronicling the Real Madrid player’s coveted career, Nike will release a new series of seven Mercurial Superfly CR7 boots one at a time over the next few seasons.

Chapter one of the series begins with ‘Savage Beauty’, featuring design cues inspired by Ronaldo’s volcanic island birthplace of Madeira. Nike claims that the lava-inspired print on Savage Beauty is one of the most intricate they’ve ever produced for a pair of boots.

The collection took a collaboration between Nike’s World Headquarters and expert artisans in Montebelluna, Italy, to achieve the vibrant, six colour graphic flows from toe to heel.

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Watch the video to see the full ‘Savage Beauty’ collection.


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