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Norwegian Holiday Huts Dangle Over The Barents Sea

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When Polar Explorer Børge Ousland sought a new adventure, he created this: an adventure and exploration resort on Manshausen Island.

Located off the coast of Northern Norway, the island is ideally positioned between dramatic mountains and the Barents Sea. To make the most of those awe-inspiring views, architects Stinessen Arkitektur created a series of unique, heavily-windowed huts that hang over the emerald waters below.

The majority of the wood cabins are placed on stone quays, partially cantilevered above the sea. One is placed on a natural shelf on the rocky formations above. Each is positioned to offer unobstructed panoramic views and privacy for guests.

Inside, the cabins boast professional kitchens and dining areas on the ground floor and relaxing libraries on the first floor. The main bed is positioned in the primary room, slightly withdrawn from the floor-to-ceiling glass, to offer visitors an around the clock experience of the outside elements, while still being comfortably sheltered.

All details, inside and out, were carefully planned and custom made for the project.


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