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Official Trailer For ‘Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans’

“I don’t think there’s any race driver who could really tell you why he races. But I think he could probably show you.”

With those words, directors Gabriel Clarke and John McKenna proceed to show you exactly what makes Steve McQueen – style idol, film star, motor enthusiast – a legend. Their new film, Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans, documents McQueen’s life during the turbulent production of his most icon film.

Le Mans was a passion project for McQueen. He’d dreamed about the film for a decade, but when the dream was finally realised, it was plagued with production problems. In his personal life, he faced a failing marriage, the threat of bankruptcy, and a death threat from one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century.

The documentary, a Cannes Classics Official Selection, takes a visceral look behind the scenes of McQueen and Le Mans. The film will be shown with a limited theatrical release in LA and New York on November 13, and available on DVD December 1.


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