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Port Views And Industrial Design In Revived New Zealand Home

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Max Capocaccia faced unique challenges in designing Kingswood House, a family residence in Lyttelton, New Zealand. The building’s multifaceted history includes a stint as a rugby club and destruction during two earthquakes.

Its current incarnation preserves some elements from the initial construction, while updating others to make it suitable as a family home. The residence offers expansive views of the port while simultaneously ensuring a high level of privacy for the occupants. Wood and steel structures are exposed to honour the industrial character of the building.

The interior is illuminated largely by natural light, thanks to a network of windows and skylights. The high ceilings and open floor plan make the space feel large, but it isn’t uninviting. More sheltered and intimate areas can be found in the back of the building. It’s not often that “industrial” and “warm” fit in the same sentence, but this is one of those rare moments.



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