Get Inside And Go For A Ride In Bond's Custom Aston Martin DB10

You’ve heard plenty about the DB10, designed by Aston Martin exclusively for the new James Bond movie Spectre. Now you’re finally getting a chance to peek inside and get behind the wheel.

Supercar spotter ‘Shmee150’ offers an up-close look at this special car in a new video. Not only do you get a full walkaround, you get to see the interior in full spec. After a review of the DB10’s bespoke bits and pieces, Shmee hops into one of the stunt models for a ridealong with Mark Higgins, the driver responsible for much of the stunt work in Spectre.

Only 10 DB10 models were made, all for Spectre. Miraculously, all 10 examples survived filming, though not all are drivable. The first car to appear in Shmee’s video, chassis #10, will be auctioned off next year to raise funds for charity. It’s expected to fetch more than $1.5 million USD.

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