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Roger Moore Says No To A Gay Or Female James Bond

With the world on the edge of their seats waiting for the premiere of the new James Bond installment ‘Spectre’, rumours of who will be next to play 007 are swirling.


Daniel Craig has made it very clear he has no interest in picking up the role again, so who will it be? Those cast in the role of James Bond have always met a tried and tested criteria, e.g. at the top of their acting game, witty, confident and fawned over by women around the world. It begs the question: would there ever be gay, or female James Bond?

According to former Bond actor, Roger Moore, absolutely not. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Moore said, “I’ve heard people talk about how there should be a lady Bond or a gay Bond. But they wouldn’t be Bond for the simple reason that wasn’t what Ian Fleming wrote.”

The 88-year-old, who appeared in seven Bond films from 1973 to 1985, went on to say, “It is not about being homophobic or, for that matter, racist. It is simply about being true to the character.”

Since the first Bond film in 1962, the character of James Bond has changed a lot from English author Ian Fleming’s original depiction to address more progressive times.

C’mon Moore, get with the times.

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