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Rustic Australian Home With Retractable Roof And Reclaimed Concrete

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Crafted by Melbourne-based company ARCHIER, the Sawmill House makes the most of its natural environment.

The design balances open and enclosed spaces with a generously sized wooden deck and a retractable roof. Pivoting glass walls, moving screens and doors transform the space to suit various climatic and social conditions. The entire property is immersed in the surrounding scenery, sunlight and sky.

The dwelling’s most unusual feature are the 207 one-tonne concrete blocks used in its exterior. “The use of the reclaimed concrete blocks is an experiment in harnessing the thousands of tons of concrete that goes to waste each year,” say the architects. Each block was formed from excess concrete left in trucks from one or more projects in the region.

Inside, Sawmill House boasts rustic but elegant décor. Wood is used extensively, creating a peaceful ambiance and bringing the natural world indoors. The colour palette is comfortingly neutral. Instead a patchwork of textures are used to create interest in the absence of vibrant hues.


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