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Previewing The Scariest Mountain Bike Course You’ll Ever See

The Red Bull Rampage is an invite-only freeride mountain bike competition for the best and the bravest in the sport. And we really do mean the best and the bravest, because participants have to contend with this.

Former UCI World Cup racer and current Gstaad-Scott team manager Claudio Caluori is normally known for his hilarious course previews during race season, but this year’s Red Bull Rampage course left him pants-wettingly terrified.

When Caluori climbed to the start gate on the mountain’s peak on day one, he panicked. By day two, he was literally crouched on the razor edge of the top ridge, paralyzed by fear. Luckily for those of us who only want to experience this kind of thing remotely, he conquered his fear and then the mountain.

Even from behind a screen, this is some seriously scary stuff. At least there’s Caluori’s giddy laughter – and singing – to lift the mood.


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