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Sophisticated Warsaw Apartment Proves Dark Doesn’t Have To Be Dreary

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You’ve been told not to go overboard with dark colours in your apartment. It’s practically Interior Design 101: dark walls, dark wood and dark furniture make your space feel depressing and claustrophobic.
Except rules were made to be broken, and this apartment in Warsaw breaks them beautifully. The elegant space uses dark shades to create a sleek, masculine aesthetic inspired by Art Deco style. The colour scheme is almost entirely black and grey, with plenty of dark wood. Occasional pops of white and chrome add small lifts of lightness.

To counteract the dark colours, the living spaces are large and open. Glass walls and smooth room divisions predominate. Generous windows let in light and merge the interior with the exterior terrace and garden, creating the illusion of even more space. Greenery and the client’s extensive artwork collection add the final touches of life and colour.


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