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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #50

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1 of 6|Paris Catacombs Airbnb
2 of 6|PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane Drone
3 of 6|Jet Capsule Mini Yacht
4 of 6|Garden Igloo
5 of 6|Budnitz Bicycles FTB
6 of 6|Monti Taste Collection Glasses

With great cool sh*t comes great responsibility. Welcome to numero 50 of your weekly hit of the goods you need from around the world. In today’s edition we have the coolest (and most terrifying) living spaces, fat bikes, mini yachts and an r/c paper plane. Drop some dollars and get some.

#1 Paris Catacombs Airbnb

Living up to its reputation for offering up some of the world’s most unique places to stay, Airbnb have outdone themselves again, this time offering up the infamous Paris Catacombs – an underground cemetery for the dead – a single (and free) night’s stay for two brave souls. Besides sleeping under the dirt of Paris for Halloween, the deathly accommodation also features real exposed human skulls stacked closely to your bed. Sweet dreams indeed.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#2 PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane Drone

Turn your humble paper plane into a high-powered drone with the PowerUp piggy back unit created in partnership with Parrot. The unit which attaches to your paper plane features a wide-angle camera which can rotate 360-degrees like R2-D2 alongside a host of sensors to give it stable flight in auto-pilot mode. A special Head Mounted Display also allows for future VR extensions whilst the craft has a 90-metre range, top speed of 32km/h and flight time of 10 minutes. The frame is also made of carbon fibre and nylon for your piece of mind.
Price: $TBC/BUY


#3 Jet Capsule Mini Yacht

Want a yacht that doesn’t take up all the space? The Jet Capsule Mini Yacht is your answer. Measuring in at just 7.5m long by 3.5m wide, the compact vessel is a compact solution to modern sea transportation. It packs a 370hp diesel motor and top speed of 32 knots. Included in the package is air conditioning, fridge, Bose audio system and limousine-style seating. It’s good for up to 10 of your buddies including the captain.
Price: $308,000/BUY

#4 Garden Igloo

Remember when you were a kid and threatened to run away from home when shit hit the fan? Well now you can do just that in style in your backyard with the luxurious Garden Igloo. It’s simple to set up and environmentally friendly being made of PVC and nylon. Perfect for a summer retreat away from the lounge room.
Price: $1,000/BUY

#5 Budnitz Bicycles FTB

Everyone loves a fat boy bicycle and the Budnitz FTB is one we’re digging this week. Featuring chunky 4.8-inch wide tyres and a 14-speed transmission and carbon belt rest assured you’ll be tossing up a dirt storm wherever you take this beast. It’s also handmade from titanium to ensure maximum strength and durability.
Price: $7,800/BUY

#6 Monti Taste Collection Glasses

Love your beer? Treat them with dignity in the Monti Taste Collection glasses which perfectly accompany your craft beer tastes in style. The set includes four glasses designed specifically for IPA, Pilsner, Pint (16-ounce) and 12-ounce brews.
Price: $100/BUY


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