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Tony Hawk Helped Design A Real-Life Hoverboard (That Actually Works)

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The road to the hoverboard has not been smooth, but after a disappointing prank and a Back To The Future promotional stunt, we could be getting the real thing before the end of the month.

A year ago, Hendo launched a Kickstarter to fund the world’s first hoverboard. Tony Hawk even got to test it. Now the company has tapped Hawk to help them design and conceptualise the Hendo 2.0, a new and improved hoverboard model. It’s expected to be revealed next week.

The update will offer a smoother design and better controls. Hendo 2.0 uses visual cues to make it operate as much like a skateboard as possible, so users can ride more steadily and efficiently. The new hoverboard also has greater traction, making a ride feel much less like balancing on a giant air hockey puck.

Other improvements include a revamped power system, USB connectivity, longer battery life, simplified engine controls and a wireless safety switch to control power remotely.

The ball is in your court, Lexus.


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