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Victorinox INOX Steel: The World’s Toughest Watch

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Watches have accompanied mankind on many exploits – land, sea, air and they have even ventured out into the vacuum of space. Limits have truly been tested, of the daredevils, and their equipment. But as always, boundaries have to be pushed, to be tougher, and stronger than ever before, virtues that the new Victorinox INOX Steel has in spades, and then some.

From the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, the Victorinox INOX had to live up to the values of the company’s most renowned creation. Authenticity, Strength, Quality, Swiss Savoir-Faire and Swiss Design were all distilled into a wristwatch, and it’s safe to say that the Victorinox INOX is as durable, and as reliable as a Swiss Army Knife.


The team at Victorinox went through 3 years of development, and 421 prototypes to ensure that the watch can take a beating and keep on ticking.

To guarantee its super strength, the watch was put through 130 strength tests, some of which included exposure to a 1200 degree flame and temperatures of up to -51 degrees celsius, a 10m drop onto concrete and being driven over by 64 tonne tank.

This year, the Victorinox INOX was released in a new bracelet variation, the Victorinox INOX Steel. Featuring a newly-designed stainless steel bracelet, it was crafted to withstand the same 130 tests that the original Victorinox INOX watch was put through – meaning, yes, the bracelet was also driven over by a tank.

The brushed steel H-shaped links of the bracelet not only add a sporty look to the watch but make it incredibly sturdy, able to withstand 10 times more vibration cycles than a normal bracelet. Like every Victorinox INOX, it also comes with a removable protective guard made of synthetic material, which further protects the watch from damage.

If you’re looking for a tough, reliable, go-anywhere-do-anything watch, you can’t go past the Victorinox INOX Steel. The handsome but hard stainless steel bracelet gives it a versatile look, and you can be assured of its toughness, since the watch and bracelet have both survived strength tests we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies.

Victorinox INOX Steel – RRP $975

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