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Yamaha Recruit McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murray For New Sportscar

Yamaha‘s latest venture into sportscar territory brings with it a very special name – celebrated McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murray.

Due to be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese motorbike manufacturer has teased audiences with a single image and nothing much else. Reports from UK’s Autocar indicate that Murray is indeed behind the new project since his previous role in designing the brand’s Motiv.e city car in 2013.

Based on the car’s silhouette, punters can expect a two-door coupe with a curved, wraparound rear windshield and protruding tail lights. Given that Yamaha primarily builds motorbikes, there is a high chance that this could also fall under the sporty ‘Kei’ car category – Japanese for small cars. Think Honda’s latest S660 and you’re about on the mark.

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Other minor details that have been released thus far include the ‘4Wheeler’ tag given to the concept by Murray as well as his iStream design process applied to the new car.

It’s also important to note that when the Motiv.e was unveiled two years ago, Murray and Yamaha stated that the Motiv.e’s design could be transferable to a coupe or convertible layout.

The Motiv.e’s specs include a 25kW/896Nm electric motor alongside a 1.0-litre petrol engine making 60kW so we can expect the new sportscar to pack a bit more than this.



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