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Adidas Futurecraft: The Future Of Leather

Adidas are continuing to roll out the wild innovations for 2015, first with their 3D printed sneakers and now with Futurecraft, the German brand’s attempt at reinventing leather.

The ambitious new project aims to revolutionise the industry by combining high-tech manufacturing processes with traditional materials. The result is a completely seamless upper which provides support, flex and comfort all within one piece of material.

Based on the iconic Originals Superstar silhouette, the shoe is created with a milling technique traditionally used to shape metal, plastic or wood in industrial design. The technology enables the shoe to follow the exact geometry of the foot, whilst milling the leather down to varying thicknesses according to the wearer’s needs. Taking this route also ensures that less adhesives are required to hold the shoe together.

Watch the video above to see how the Futurecraft leather is created and made into a perfect seamless shoe.


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