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Alcohol Might Not Actually Kill Your Brain Cells

We’ve all been there. One of those nights of pure gluttony where you consume so much alcohol that it seeps from your pores the next day and your signature scent is ‘eau de brewery’.


The guilt sets in and in your fragile hungover state, you know that with every sip, with every shot, you’ve regressed a little more to preschool brain capacity. But have you?

According to Popular Science, which recently debunked several brain-related myths, the long-held belief that alcohol annihilates your brain cells isn’t exactly true. As part of the study, researchers looked at the brains of alcoholics and nonalcoholics and found that both groups had the same amount of neurons.

Apparently, weak cells slow down our brains, so when the weak cells are killed – by consuming alcohol – the brain actually improves.

So enjoy your drinks, responsibly of course.



The playbook for the modern man

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