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Australians Can Now Purchase Goods With Apple Pay

The hotly anticipated wait for Apple’s ‘pay and go’ technology has finally arrived on Australian shores. There’s a catch though.


From today, only American Express Issued Card Members will be able to use the convenient Apple Pay service. The new technology enables American Express customers to pay for goods and services with their Apple Watch, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad. The company ensures its users that it will be a new era in business transactions through a quick, efficient and secure portal.

Dean Chadwick, VP Consumer Marketing at American Express said in a release that “we are focused on giving our customers innovative, convenient and secure ways to pay.  With Australians leading the world in the adoption of contactless payments, we are proud to now offer the convenience and security of Apple Pay to our customers.”

All American Express Card Members issued with a card will be able to add their eligible personal, small business and corporate American Express Card to pay with their smart device of choice. The only limitations being that they can only be used in businesses which currently accept contactless American Express payments.


The new service can also use their Apple device to pay within participating merchant apps. In the world of instant gratification, this should drastically speed up the buying process for businesses.

To ensure peace of mind with the new service, Apple Pay Australia users will receive real-time notifications and can view details of all recent purchases on their card. As well as this there is also an intuitive process to adding cards to the payable device. When a Card Member adds a card to Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device. Instead, a unique device account number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on their device.

Your laser beam watch is no match, Mr. Bond. Now where’s my latte?


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  • Larry Hermann

    Here’s my first experience of using Apple pay this morning after setting up Amex card on iPhone. so far so good. I go to a 7 11 for a coffee and few bits of stationary. I wave the phone against the pay wave, card appears on screen of iPhone as it should, touch ID prompt appears as it should, I touch the home button for ID and pay wave terminal says NOT approved, try again, NOT approved. So i pull out another credit card and pay that way. That’s not good but now it goes to weird. 5 mins later i look at my wallet app and the apple pay transaction is listed as gone through. So I call American express and they confirm on their computer the transaction through apple pay occurred. I go back to the store and they check their receipts and there is no record of the transaction ever occurring. So I take a yoghurt and say to the guy let’s try this through apple pay. It’s rejected too and this time no transaction appears in the apple wallet. Are you totally confused? you should be because so am I. I’m yet to see a transaction by apple way even work correctly.

  • Mike Huynh

    Interesting Larry. I wonder if Pay Pass had the same bugs at the beginning. I know the Commbank Tap & Pay app works fine as I have a friend who’s been using it for ages. Give it some time to iron itself out I suppose. I never update every new iOS straight away anyway.

  • Larry Hermann

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve since used apple pay a few times at other retailers like Coles and Woolworths and it all works fine. I spoke at length with Amex about the 7 11 fiasco. After I sent them some receipts of proof of transactions they accepted some glitch appeared to be an issue at the 7 11 store I had been to. Some terminals work ok with apple pay and some just don’t. Also tried to pay for a DVD recently at a JB store (they do accept Amex) but their terminal also chucked a wobbly and wouldn’t accept apple pay. So I tend to agree. There are bugs occurring on some terminals while others work just fine at this early stage.




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