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Ash Williams Is Australia’s Professional Shit Stirrer

Radio presenter and comedian Ash Williams is quickly making a name for himself as the Aussie Galifianakis with his ‘Between Two Ferns’-esque ‘LIVE’ comedy show via Instagram.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out William’s Instagram show, you’re in for a treat. The jack of all trades has interviewed the likes of fellow comedians Hamish Blake and Dave Hughes, Real Housewife Pettifleur, singer Julia Stone and our very own Bachelorette Sam Frost. Whether he’s caressing Julia Stone’s luscious locks or causing Ryan Shelton to vom, Williams is making weird all the right kinds of funny.

Williams began his foray into comedy after doing radio with Dave Hughes. “I went out and immediately did stand up…I got no laughs and thought I did really well, then another comedian said, “nah, you’re meant to get laughs”. I still maintain my first gig was pretty good.”

“I started the LIVE show because I wanted to create something fun that I had control over, and played to my audience. It’s fun to just film whatever I want, and release it whenever I want,” says Williams.

Here’s an encounter Williams had with Bachelorette dud David Witko, for your viewing pleasure.

Ash Williams is set to host more Aussie faces like comedienne Kate Langbroek, Davis Cup Tennis player Sam Groth, and hopes to host Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Head to @ashwilliams1 and enjoy more cringeworthy laughs.
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