Audi 3D-Prints A Fun Sized Auto Union Race Car

We’ve seen 3D-printed sneakers and even organs, and now the cutting-edge technology is making a name for itself in the motor industry. Audi is the latest to jump on the 3D-printing bandwagon, building a race car made from 3D-printed metal parts.

To print the half-size Auto Union Type C race car, Audi melted together layers of metallic powder to form the parts. The grains within the powder are smaller than half the diameter of a human hair, meaning the printer can create extremely complex and small shapes.

Audi’s race car is so small because currently 3D-printers can only construct parts up to 9.5 inches long and 7.9 inches wide.

Even though it looks like a kids toy, the benefits are apparent with 3D-printing cutting down on waste metal, and time required to make parts with complex contours, therefore boosting cost-effectiveness. Audi’s end goal is to eventually 3D-print full-sized vehicles and involve the process in series production.

Here’s to a 3D-printed future.

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