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Australian Uber Driver Attacked By Irrate Cabbie

The war between cabbies and Uber continues to boil over with new footage emerging of an apparent and deliberate attack on an UberX driver in Melbourne.

The video filmed by the passenger shows a man entering the waiting UberX vehicle in the front seat before he begins to abuse the driver. The car barely pulls away before the passenger admits that he is actually a cab driver before physically threatening the Uber driver and telling him to “fuck off” and “fuck himself”.

The Uber driver responds by explaining that he is a cab driver himself three days a week and that he uses Uber to make extra cash. The passenger however is unsympathetic and continues taunting the driver, saying that he will not be able to retaliate if he is attacked. He then proceeds to smash the driver’s religious ornaments ono the dash and attempts to rip off the rear-view mirror before pouring a full cup of coffee into the footwell of the vehicle.

The video ends shortly after with the passenger waving a fist at the UberX driver before threatening him not to pick up fares from the area anymore. “This is my area,” the passenger says, before the Uber driver leaves saying it’s his last day with Uber.

The clip’s authenticity is currently being scrutinised.



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