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Calm Yourself Down With Vollebak’s Pink Hoodie

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In the experimental free-love era of the 70’s, a researcher named Alexander Schauss, who we can only assume was deep within an acid trip, combined a gallon of white latex paint with a pint of red semi-gloss outdoor paint to create a specific bubblegum shade of pink, which he found out could slow one’s heart rate and even reduce a propensity for aggressive, violent behaviour.

Apparently, the colour, called Baker-Miller pink has a calming effect similar to what you might experience during yoga or meditation.

While it might sound like a complete crock of shit, Shauss isn’t the only who’s been seeing pink. Correctional facilities around the U.S. have been completely decked out in the candy pink hue and now sportswear startup, Vollebak has put Shauss’ research into a complex Baker-Miller Pink hoodie that features a mesh visor that casts everything in a soft pink hue to ‘provide an increased state of calm.’

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After more than a decade competing in extreme sports, Vollebak founders (and brothers) Steve and Nick Tidball said they’ve found few brands using smart design to intelligently address the problems they often faced.

“A lot of brands are obsessed with what’s the new green or what’s the latest material that athletes would like to wear. We approached it from what do I as an athlete need?” said Steve Tidball.

The Baker-Miller Pink hoodie is all about keeping athletes calm the night before a big event. It only gives you 80% visibility and it naturally encourages breathing through the nose to slow down the rate of respiration, making it a pretty comfy straight jacket that discourages the wearer from exerting any more energy than is absolutely necessary.

You can crawl into one of these pink man caves for $330.


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