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Cigarettes Will Cost $40 A Pack In Australia By 2020


Bad news for the smokers of Australia. The Labor Party has announced a plan which will see a packet of 25 cigarettes cost more than $40 by 2020.

If Labor is elected, the price rise of cigarettes will stem from gradual increases in tax continuing beyond 2017. The policy is said to generate savings of almost $50 billion and almost double the rate at which people quit smoking.

Currently, a packet of 25 cigarettes costs around $25 to $30 with the price increase corresponding with advice from the World Health Organisation.

“We have some 2.5 million Australians who continue to smoke and we lose about 15,000 people a year from smoking-related diseases,” Labor’s health spokeswoman, Catherine King says.

Apparently, heavy smokers are some of the poorest people in society and the Labor Party has also promised more policies to help prevent and deal with smoking addiction.

If it improves your health and your bank account, we recommend ditching the smokes.

[via ABC]



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