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Cobalt Valkyrie Is A Private Jet With Fighter Aircraft DNA

It looks more at home in the Bat Cave than the skies of 2015 but rest assured, the Cobalt Valkyrie is very real. And the order books have just been opened for well-heeled globetrotters to put their names down for one.

Due for delivery in 2017, the CO50 Valkyrie is an ambitious project which is aiming to change the way of private jets both in appearance and performance. Its most striking feature is the appearance, modelled off a sleek fighter aircraft rather than a conventional passenger jet.

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For a cool US$700,000 you’ll receive an interior fit out by an ex-Hermes craftsman, a massive F-15 style glass canopy with 320 degree views, comfortable seating for up to five and their luggage, an anti-freeze system and a turbocharged 350hp Continental engine. The rear biased engine placement also ensures that the jet flies smoother and quieter with less vibration.

The aircraft’s cruise speed is currently pegged at 220 knots (407km/h) for up to 2,778km whilst fuel consumption is roughly 56-litres per hour of flight. Keen to get to your destination faster? The CO50 Valkyrie can top 444km/h if need be. Currently there are five prototype Valkyries in the testing phase so get your cheque books ready.

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