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Facebook Will Help You Forget Your Ex

Facebook can be the enemy when it comes to breakups. It’s not easy to move on when your ex is suggested as a ‘new friend’, or even worse, when tagged photos of them continue to infiltrate your newsfeed.

Luckily, old mate Zuckerberg has cottoned onto our post-breakup woes with the announcement that Facebook is testing a feature that will limit the content that is shown to your ex, and vice versa.

When changing your relationship status, the new feature will give you the option to limit the number of status updates, pictures and videos of the person in question. It also means the person won’t be a suggestion to message or tag, and you’ll be given the option to automatically untag and limit the visibility of posts and photos with an ex. Facebook will you let you go through each post one by one to untag yourself, or if it’s too much of a heartache, the platform will kindly get rid of all your tags in one clean sweep.


It doesn’t end there, either. The feature will allow you to limit the updates your ex may see about you, ‘hiding’ your posts so that they will only be able to see those that you share publicly or with mutual friends.

Facebook’s idea behind the feature is about ‘taking a break’ from someone, without having to block or unfriend them. Perhaps it’s the more humane way to cleanse yourself of relationships past.

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