'Fallout 4' Release Causes Drop In PornHub Traffic

The highly anticipated ‘Fallout 4’ was released on November 10th much to the delight of gamers worldwide and provided some interesting results to say the least. Not only did its release apparently cause an increase in sick days from work, but it also affected the world’s porn habits.

Adult entertainment site PornHub released statistics that showed a significant dip in traffic on the day of Fallout 4’s release.

In fact, in a statement from PornHub they said, “…Starting at 5am traffic began to drop, down as much as 10% from 7am-12pm.”

“In the afternoon traffic returned to normal, but after 6pm it dropped again when we assume that 9-5 workers arrived home and fired up their games.”

This only lasted until midnight when everyone took a break from open-world action role-playing and jumped back on old faithful PornHub, with traffic creeping as high as 15% above daily norms.

Check out PornHub’s graph below. Apparently, trudging through an atomic wasteland is far more important than a little bit of self-love, welcome to 2015.


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