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Google’s Project Wing Drones Will Be Making Deliveries By 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but according to Google, their drone deliveries are closer than we think. In fact, Google’s lead of Project Wing, David Vos, has said the service could be commercially flying packages to people as early as 2017.

Google and their parent company Alphabet are in talks with the Federal Aviation Administration about setting up an air traffic control system that uses existing cell network infrastructure to keep the drones in line while only reaching heights of 152m.

Project Wing aircrafts have a wingspan of around 1.5m, weigh 10kg, have four electrically-driven propellers and will fly a programmed route at a push of a button. Like something out of a cheesy futuristic movie, packages are stored in the drone’s ‘belly’ then dropped on a string before being gently lowered to the ground.

Google aren’t alone in their prospective drone deliveries either, they face competition from Amazon, Alibaba and Wal-Mart amongst others who are also working on commercial drone delivery services. You’ll never have to leave home again.

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