10 Reasons Why You Should Be Having More Sex

Whether you’re making love, hooking up, fornicating or just plain getting down and dirty, sex is a pretty important part of all of our lives.

It’s not like we really need to give you ten reasons why sex is great, but as well as being rather enjoyable and the reason why we’re all here, it’s extremely beneficial to your health. Here are 10 reasons why getting lucky is good for you.

#1 Keeps Your Immune System Humming


People who have lots of sex have higher levels of antibodies that help to defend your body against germs, viruses and other issues, which means less sick days. Researchers also found that people who had sex 1-2 times a week were less likely to get sick and had higher immunity than those having less sex. Increasing weekly sex to several times a week produces even higher levels of immunity.

#2 Boosts Your Libido


Yes, sex = more sex. Researchers found that having sex increases your want for more sex. Having regular sex also increases vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity – all of which makes for even more enjoyable sex.

#3 Lowers Your Blood Pressure


There are several studies showing that sex can help to lower blood pressure and regular sex can have more lasting results.

#4 Sexercise


Duh, sex is a great form of exercise. Whilst it won’t replace your cardio workout, it is a great way to tone up and burn some calories. Sexercise studies have shown that you burn 5 calories a minute having sex and that getting creative and changing positions can increase this even more.

#5 Lowers Risk Of Heart Attack


Several studies have shown that along with sex being pretty damn enjoyable, it can also help you live longer. The exercise, reduction in blood pressure, release of good hormones and balancing estrogen and testosterone, are all ways that sex helps to keep your heart ticking. A study shows that men who have sex twice a week are half as likely to die of heart disease as men who had sex rarely.

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#6 Lessens Pain


Here’s a fun fact: orgasms can actually block pain and many forms of genital stimulation can suppress chronic pain like back and neck pain through to cramps, arthritic pain and headaches.

#7 May Help Reduce The Chance Of Prostate Cancer


Whilst this is not conclusive, there have been some studies that show that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month were less likely to get prostate cancer.

#8 Improves Sleep


Orgasms increase the release of a hormone called Prolactin which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness.

#9 Reduces Stress


Intimacy with your partner can help to soothe stress and anxiety by increasing the release of a chemical that revs up your pleasure and reward pathways in your brain. Along with this, self-esteem and happiness are also augmented.

#10 It Will Give You Glowing Skin


There’s nothing like that natural morning glow, and you guessed it, sex is the perfect recipe for it. Sex can even help you look younger as it relaxes you, increases your circulation and puts you in a better mood.

Moral of the story? Have sex, and lots of it.

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