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Hottest Car News Of The Week Feat. Alfa Romeo Giulia & Range Rover Sport

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1 of 5|2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Configurator
2 of 5|Range Rover Supercharged Drives Over Paper Bridge
4 of 5|Race Of Champions 2015
5 of 5|Parking Lot Antics In 1000hp Nissans

We know you love the smell of burning rubber as much as a luxury steed and there’s certainly enough this week to keep your interest piqued. So get in and sit tight.

#1 Design Your Own 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Can’t wait for Alfa Romeo‘s stunning new beast to arrive on local shores? No problem. Alfa Romeo USA have created a virtual configurator which allows potential customers (and dreamers) to play with the available body colours, wheel finishes and brake calipers. We’ve already killed two hours in the office playing with it. The hard part? Waiting for the real thing. Design your Giulia at Alfa Romeo USA.

#2 Range Rover Supercharged Drives Over Paper Bridge

Because internet. Actually it’s because Land Rover‘s venerable Range Rover name turns 45 this year and that’s something worth celebrating. The British automaker took their latest supercharged Range Rover and commissioned the work of artist Steve Messam to create the sturdy paper bridge. We have no idea how it held the entire weight of the car but it must’ve been some good Blu-tack.


#3 700hp Rezvani Beast X Unleashed

When you name your car ‘Beast X’ you better have some serious balls to back it up. Luckily Californian startup Rezvani have exactly that in the form of a lightweight open-top, road-legal race car based on the proven Ariel Atom chassis. In essence it’s an update of the Ariel Atom with more power, more refinement and improved aerodynamics. Two turbochargers are bolted to the Honda power unit to create 700hp whilst revised suspension, brakes and wheels ensure that the car will be able to corner in all its fury. Watch the promo for the ‘standard’ Beast below.

#4 Sebastian Vettel Wins 2015 Race Of Champions

F1 World Champion driver Sebastian Vettel has stamped his name on another trophy by taking out the 2015 ROC from London. For those unaware, the Race of Champions happens at the end of every year and brings together the world’s best drivers from multiple disciplines to pitch their skills against one another in an arena environment. It’s not uncommon then to see World Rally Championship drivers take on F1 drivers taking on Le Mans winners. Think the best of the best under one roof for one night and you’re on point. Now watch the race highlights below featuring Aussie Daniel Ricciardo.

#5 Watch Two Nissans Go Head To Head In An Abandoned Parking Lot

This one’s bound to take you back to your hooning years with Nissan oddly endorsing this kind of treatment of their cars. The collaboration with Hoonigan (the people behind Ken Block’s videos) have brought their antics along with two 1000hp 370Zs. Smoke, noise, supreme car control and some extremely close calls makes this four minute clip worth sitting through.


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