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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [06.11.15]

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1 of 18|Jaguar C-X75 Driven By Massa
2 of 18|LaFerrari Crash
3 of 18|LaFerrari Crash
4 of 18|LaFerrari Crash
5 of 18|BMW M2
6 of 18|BMW M2
7 of 18|BMW M2
8 of 18|BMW M2
9 of 18|BMW M2
10 of 18|BMW M2
11 of 18|BMW M2
12 of 18|BMW M4
13 of 18|BMW M4
14 of 18|BMW M4
15 of 18|1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series 1 By Pinin Farina
16 of 18|1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series 1 By Pinin Farina
17 of 18|1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series 1 By Pinin Farina
18 of 18|1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series 1 By Pinin Farina

Like your cars fast, luxurious and loud? We got your goods in this week’s hottest motoring news. F1 driver Felipe Massa takes the ultra rare Bond villain car known as the C-X75 for a hot lap, BMW unveil their sweet performance lineup for the M2 and M4 at SEMA, some peanut crashes his $2 million LaFerrari on film and Bentley head to Australia for a speed test. Buckle up.

#1 Felipe Massa Wrangles The New Jaguar C-X75 Bond Villain Car

The ultra rare Jaguar C-X75 was long heralded as the main competition to Porche’s hybrid hypercar known as the 918 Spyder. After various iterations with the F1 engineering input of the Williams team, Jaguar unceremoniously shelved the project and the car was never put into production. That is until Spectre came along and asked for a concept to be made to go against Bond’s Aston Martin DB10. Now you get to see how the bad boy car really goes with a professional driver at the helm.

#2 Some Peanut From Hungary Crashed His $2M LaFerrari

There seems to be no shortage of wealthy idiots on the roads with another LaFerrari being demolished by an enthusiastic out of control driver. The video was shot in Budapest during peak time traffic. Even sadder? The car was reported to have just been picked up from the Ferrari dealership down the road. The driver immediately jumped out of the car and removed the number plates to save himself an internet flaming. Only 499 LaFerraris were built. This is crash number four of the exclusive crop.

#3 Watch The Bentley Continental GT Speed Test

The Australian outback is quiet most times of the year, seeing road trains and the random kangaroo every now and then. Bentley wanted to change this, so they shipped their latest Continental GT to the Stuart Highway, a 2,834km stretch of black top that begins at Darwin and reaches far into South Australia. Behind the wheel is Aussie race driver John Bowe. The top speed the car reached? Watch and find out. Hint: It’s over 300km/h.

#4 BMW M2 & M4 Performance Part Unveiled At SEMA

If you’re lucky enough to drive either an M4 or God forbid the new M2, then you’re in for a real treat. BMW have released a host of new goodies which enhances the M cars both visually and in their performance. What you’ll be able to trick your cars with include black grilles, carbon mirror covers, carbon rear lip wing, new suspension calibration and a high-flow exhaust. Inside you’ll also get lashings of soft, grippy Alcantara. We have a winner.

#5 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Goes To Auction

Like your prancing horses in classic trim? RM Auctions have sourced this immaculate 1958 Ferrari 250 GT in Bianco complete with a Blu Connolly interior. The drop top is sorted with a 240hp V12 and is only 14 of 40 Series 1 cabriolets that made it into production. Get your credit cards ready men. Put down your deposit here.

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