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Secrets To Creating The Perfect Masculine Art Wall

Gentlemen, if you’re on the hunt for something a little different to add to those undoubtedly bare walls of your man pad, you have found yourself in exactly the right place.

Art Walls are a collated array of artworks that can grace the surface of any wall and in any chosen format. Installing an impressive art wall in your home creates a show-stopping personal gallery that won’t disappoint your guests and will also make your home feel truly considered.

Here, we will debunk the impression that art walls are only attainable with the skills of a curator; now go get that nail bag out.

Where To Begin


Committing to an art wall is much like committing to a sneaker collection, you’re probably not going to be able to find or purchase every art piece over a single outing, but don’t let this curb your enthusiasm, it’s all about the journey not the destination, right?


Here’s some things you should think about before you begin.



Choose the location of your art wall. Consider the amount of space you have or how wide the piece of furniture that may be sitting below you art wall is. This will determine how much area you need to cover in artworks.

Eclectic Or Themed?


Do you want to mix your collection up with a range of different pieces? Or maybe you’d prefer to go with a theme such as photography, women, water or a certain colour, period or style.

A Very Personal Touch


You can use a range of sourced pieces and also include your own photos or interesting creations, an art wall that holds memories and stories is the very best kind.

Pro Tip: Experiment with varying shapes, textures and finishes. Have a look around for sculptural pieces you can hang or even throw in a mirror for a contrasting and exciting effect.

Types Of Art Walls

Random Cool


The “Random” grid wall is actually very far from random. You can start this layout by first choosing an Anchor piece. Select either the largest or boldest piece, then delegate spots for the other pieces around this artwork in an outwards fashion. This is a great option for those of you that want to continue to add to the collection.

Unless your layout confidence is sky high, be sure that the borders between each piece are the same; varying border widths are like mismatched lingerie- risky business.

Grid Games


Perhaps you are a man who prefers more of a clean structured approach to life? If so opt for an art wall that features a grid layout.

This works particularly well if you have chosen a set of artworks by the one artist or plan to use the same frames or frame sizes for each artwork. We also suggest employing your calculator and meridian for this one.

Balanced Art


A combination of random, but also structured enough for those OCD individuals out there. You can play around with different layouts here, just make sure that either sides match or balance out one another, either through shape, colour or area.

Propped Up


A propped arrangement is an excellent solution for all of those indecisive bachelors out there (you know who you are) as it will allow you the flexibility to change things up regularly. Propping can be done on a shelf, mantlepiece or any horizontal surface and is great way to play with layering things up.

Show Time


Once you have collected the pieces you wish to display, you’re going to want to create a template to help you lay everything out perfectly (this is not necessary for the ‘Propped’ arrangement).

Get yourself some kraft paper or newspaper. Here you will draw around, cut out and create paper templates for each piece. You will use these pieces of paper to play around with the layout of your art wall.

Use Blu-Tack or Painters Tape to arrange these pieces of paper on your wall. You may need to re-jig a few things to get the final composition perfectly centred on your wall. Note that the horizontal midline of the entire layout should sit at about 170cm heigh from the ground, this is so that the entire final composition is at eye level.

Keeping the paper on the wall, use any desired hanging system that your inner handy man advises (nails, picture hangers or disposable hooks), if you are unsure, please consult Google or your Dad – there is no greater problem than hanging a heavy artwork next to a stud, not on a stud.

And voila! A one of a kind wall that is sure to impress even your hardest critics.


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