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How To Get Christoph Waltz’s Style

It’s here. Bond, James Bond. This week saw Spectre fever crescendo and peak with its opening night. But before the heat from the hotted-up cars, gadgetry and beautiful women fizzles out, there’s still someone else from the 24th-Bond film, that deserves our full attention. The actor behind the film’s supervillain, Blofeld. And his name is Christoph Waltz.

The Austrian-German actor has certainly been overshadowed by the style heroics of co-star Daniel Craig in promoting Spectre. And even by the charmingly geeky, Ben Whishaw –  the resident Bond intellect. But Waltz is like the well-dressed, European gent you hope to be at almost 60 years old: a silver fox who’s peaking in his Oscar-winning career (Django: Unchained and Inglorious Bastards) and having a ton of villainous fun doing it.

Breaking It Down


Well-travelled and sophisticated, Waltz’s Steve McQueen-esque looks are a natural canvas for classic men’s style. At 59-years-of-age, he’s renounced the need to follow youth-y trends, donning the perfect combination of blazer and jeans for understated style, adding something tailored – trouser or coat – to most everyday looks.

Suits are his forte, looking to off-beat muted colours for a splash of subtle colour to tailoring. And the actor plays the field with shoes, rarely seen in the same pair twice. His old-world tendencies are a fresh touch in the men’s fashion world, one that’s gone sportswear crazy. Take a look at Christoph Waltz’s key fashion styles.

The Smartest of Casual


With a full-head of hair and an equally impressive beard, smart casual starts off with classy with grooming, even before the clothing. Dark khaki chinos are made instantly smarter for nights, worn higher on the waist with a rich leather belt (just like suit pants).

A cotton blazer in a dark neutral tone complements the earthen pant, and the easy-style open neck shirt – a white linen button down or navy polo (never a t-shirt), adds a summer feel to refined casual look. The studious shoes enhance the effort made in tailoring, suede or chocolate brown derbies – sometimes with contrast shoe laces – for something a little more heritage-chic.

Pow-Wow Accessories


Waltz – unlike his name and the traditional ballroom dance – prefers jazz, when selecting his accessories. Packing a sartorial punch, a dark chocolate brown suit is sublimely ‘after-8’ with a silk bronzed long tie, made all the more whammy with a pin-prick polka dot print.

Other Seventies-hued suits, like muted powder blue with tonal grey shirt, receive the faster pace treatment, with Waltz’s larger spotted tie gracing premier red carpet events over well-oiled leather shoes in black.

The actor’s no fuss suits sees him win big on the wrist, the rose gold timepiece coming in at the end for the victorious countdown – K.O.

Professor Cool


Off-duty, Waltz’s Viennese intellect shines – through his clothing. Richly-styled in heritage tailoring, the old-world meets the new with an olive corduroy suit, in a modernised slim-fit – a far cry from the stuffiness of a Euro professor.

The autumnal cord is layered over a smart casual sweater – marsala and cashmere – with a well-pressed collar poking out over the small v-neckline, adding ruffle to the neck without a tie or scarf.

Elsewhere, professor cool embodies tweed brown pants – cut with a mid-length trouser break – the cuff cusping the dark tan monk shoes. The clay brown jacket in cord is springtime fresh with a light blue shirt – Waltz’s go-to colour – again worn open necked.

Bond Influence


There appears to have been some style-secret swappage onset at Spectre, with Waltz picking up tips and tricks from Bond himself. Suits lately are sharper and more streamline, as colour tailoring goes blue-charcoal with a tonal skyblue shirt and pastel grey shirt.

Hair is short and ordered too, far more practical for world domination. But it is the tuxedo that is oh-so Bond with Waltz opting for the thin shawl lapel (instead of Craig’s peak signifier) and butterfly sheen tie to match the softness of the jacket fit. Again, the shoes are perfection – black Derby lace-ups with enforced leather soles – for kicking some espionage ass.

Key Waltz Fashion Items

Suits: Cobalt blue (Alexander McQueen); light grey (Brioni); black tuxedo (Gieves & Hawkes); olive corduroy suit (Thom Sweeney).

Jackets: Navy linen blazer (Etro); cord blazer (Boglioli).

Tops: Red sweater (Sunspel); formal shirting (Gucci or Canali); linen shirting (Visvim); polo shirt (Theory or Isaia).

Bottoms: Khaki chinos (RRL or Club Monaco); tweed trouser (Oliver Spencer); cord trouser (Gant Rugger or Beams).

Shoes: Brown monk straps (O’Keefe or Santoni); black Derbies (Edward Green); suede Derbies (Paul Smith).

Accessories: Watch (IWC); tie (Charvet or Turnbull & Asser).

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