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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [30.11.15]

The end of 2015 is swiftly approaching and while you might be running out of steam, that doesn’t mean your witty small talk needs to suffer.

Here are this week’s pointless and awesome facts that you never knew you needed to know. Use them to score a first date, win over a promotion or just fill an awkward elevator silence.

#1 World’s Sexiest Names



Ever wondered if your name is the kind that gets hearts racing? Swipe-style dating app The Grade recently analysed their data to see how names correspond to swipe rights. Here are the top 3 sexiest men’s and women‘s names, along with the percentage of people who swiped right. Unfortunately, ‘Nigel’ doesn’t make the cut.


  1. Brett – 24%
  2. Tyler – 23 %
  3. Corey – 23%


  1. Tiffany – 28%
  2. Meghan – 30%
  3. Lisa – 33%

#2 Things We Should Be Informed About In Life


Professional motivator Nelson Wang recently put together his top 10 pieces of life advice for Quora. Here are 4 of his nuggets of wisdom he would pass on to his 18-year-old self. Do you agree?

  1. Your health is your #1 priority – be conscious of how your body feels and make time to exercise.
  2. Take risks, and realise there is risk to not taking a risk.
  3. The most important currency in life is time – there are 525,600 minutes in a year. How do you spend your time?
  4. It’s OK to put your phone down.

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#3 Most Bizarre Fetishes


The ways in which today’s folks get their rocks off are endless, but how about the bizarre fetishes that would make Christian Grey blush? Here are 3 of the most deviant and strange fetishes, via Fastrack.

  1. Oculolinctus: Gratification felt at licking another person’s eyeball.
  2. Liquidophilia: The uncontrollable need to immerse one’s private parts in water.
  3. Craniophile: A deep attraction to skulls and heads.

#4 Are Tony Abbott’s Budgie Smugglers The Reason Your Relationship Didn’t Work?


2015 is coming to a close, and what better way to reflect on the year that was than with Aussie politics, and their effect on your relationships? Online dating platform Zoosk recently surveyed its Australian users to find out how the Prime Ministerial coup got sparks flying or fizzling. Here’s some insights.

  1. Men are 10% more likely than women to walk away from a date who has differing political beliefs.
  2. Women care about politics more than men – 27% consider it important for a potential partner to reveal political beliefs in a profile or initial conversation.
  3. 92% stated they do date across political party lines.
  4. When asked whether they would miss Abbott and his budgie smugglers this summer, nearly 1/2 said ‘heck no, that hurts my eyes’, while a further 42% said they would miss his onion eating antics more.

#5 Is Donald Trump The World’s Best Blonde Bombshell?


While we’re on the topic of politics, with Donald Trumps recent antics (e.g. mocking a disabled reporter) the ballsy businessman turned politician is beginning to become as crazy as his signature hairstyle. In honour of Trump and his distinctive combover, the team at DesignCrowd were challenged to show us what other politicians would like donning Trump’s iconic do, and here are the results.


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