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Your LinkedIn Meets Tinder In New Art Series By Dries Depoorter

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It’s a side-by-side comparison you’d rather not confront. Belgian artist and pot-stirrer Dries Depoorter’s art series ‘Tinder In’ places public profile pictures from professional social networking site LinkedIn and social dating app Tinder side-by-side, showcasing the stark contrast between your career-driven and creepy/sexy self.

Even though the photos in the series have been edited, apparently Deeporter went completely YOLO on the project and didn’t get the subject’s permission to use their images. “No, these women do not know they’re part of the project. I didn’t ask their permission. I know it’s a bit bad, but I could not resist.” However, he also used his own profile pictures from each website to show that his are just as cliché.

As well as showing the contrast, Depoorter wanted to demonstrate that you don’t need anyone’s permission to debunk someone’s ‘apparent’ privacy. Well played, Deeporter.



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