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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Gets The 8-bit Video Game Treatment

After nearly 30 years away from the big screen, Mad Max: Fury Road roared into cinemas and reinvigorated the long dormant franchise. Thanks to immaculate direction from George Miller, amazing stunt work and a crack special effects team, the film was one of the year’s most visually stunning.

But what if Fury Road’s beautiful aesthetics were replaced by simple 8-bit (and “a little 16 bit,” as the video’s description puts it) graphics?

CineFix’s 8-Bit Cinema took on the challenge of transforming Fury Road into a nostalgic, retro game. The result is a pixelated and perfectly charming 3-minute adventure through several of the film’s best moments.


We’d say to steer clear if you want to avoid spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the film at this point, you deserve every spoiler you get.


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