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McLaren Made A Gold-Finished 650S Spider Just For The Middle East

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More than a few astonishing machines journeyed to the desert for last week’s Dubai Motor Show, but this lavish creation from McLaren Special Operations was one of the standouts: the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79.

This special version of an already special car was made solely for the Middle East, which means it embraces over the top luxury without even a speck of shame. The “Al Sahara” part of the name is Arabic for desert, but the real fun comes from the “79” – the atomic number for gold.

McLaren threw a bit of gold shimmer into the car’s pearl white paint job, because why not? Inside you’ll find a mixture of black and almond white leather, and – you guessed it – more gold. Peek inside the cabin and you’ll find a handful of gold-trimmed switchgear and vents.

It’s actually almost restrained by Dubai standards (No gold wheels? Gold engine parts? The full Goldfinger treatment?), but it’s still an indulgence must of us can only dream of.


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