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NutriDrip Is Bringing Hangover Cures To The Masses


Whatever your hangover remedy is: black coffee, greasy food, litres of water or trusty hair of the dog, everyone knows that nothing will truly fix an awful hangover except time travelling to another point in time in life when you ignorantly basked in the beauty of being completely sober.

However, there is one other option. NutriDrip, an IV vitamin therapy championed by busy party girls like Madonna, Miley and Rihanna, is apparently on its way to reaching mainstream audiences.

NutriDrip, which claims to offer ‘the world’s most advanced nutrient therapies,’ delivers a solution of vitamins directly into people’s veins. One of NutriDrip’s forms, ‘Pro-Energy Push’, promises to help energy levels, metabolism and mental performance, while ‘Immune Boost’ aims to protect, fortify and recover. Either way, you can rid yourself of a hangover for a mere $219.

If you’re into active wear, kale juice and quinoa, but also enjoy downing 10 Jägerbombs on a Saturday night, this ‘next generation of wellness’ may be the solution for you.

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