Wearing Colour In The Office Leads To Pay Rises & Promotions, Study Shows


Now there’s a scientific reason to go bold and bright at work. A British study has found men with a taste for colour in the office are more likely to receive pay rises and earn more promotions in their career.

The UK’s Case Station surveyed 2,000 young professionals – aged 18 to 34 – in relation to workplace fashion and career success. One in five interviewed credited getting a promotion to wearing bright or colourful clothing. Meanwhile, 20% said colour helped in securing a pay raise.

The reason? Wearing colour makes us feel better and gives others the impression that we are more confident and creative.

So, what type of colour makes the biggest splash?

Wearing multi-coloured or patterned clothing is apparently the most likely way to make you look creative or imaginative, according to 27% of those interviewed. Followed by red (15%) and purple (10%).

Meanwhile, 25% of people surveyed said that seeing others in patterned and bright clothes made them feel happier in the workplace.

Twenty-one per cent admitted they admire the style of colleagues in colourful clothes, and 11% wished they had more confidence to copy them.

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