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Rumblr Is The New Tinder-Style App For Brawlers

The fourth rule of Fight Club is you do not make a real app for Fight Club.


Then again it does make for some compelling news, one because it sounds highly illegal and two, because it seems so ridiculous that you don’t know if the creators of Rumblr are actually serious.

The app in question works just like Tinder. Their site explains: “Rumblr is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.”

Users setup their own profile which details your fighting experience and stats then swipe left to seek out a worthy opponent. Once you feel that your skill levels match (or you just don’t like the look of another Rumblr), tap the ‘Fight’ button and a request will be sent to the other person. If the challenger is feeling the need to beat you to a bloody pulp too, they will accept your throw down offer. A chat option is then opened for the fighters to organise a location and details to “draw a crowd”.

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We think we’ll sit this one out in our happy place with talking penguins.



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