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5 Scientific Reasons Men Should Sleep Naked

Science has spoken once again: snoozing in the buff is supposedly the best way to get a good nights sleep. While the thought of sleeping nude may conjure up images of awkward burst-ins and chilly morning shrinkage, apparently it does wonders for your health.

Here’s why ditching your drawers before bed is good for you:

#1 You’ll Get A Better Sleep


According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, your body temperature naturally declines as part of your Circadian Rhythm as you sleep deeply.  By wearing pyjamas, this natural temperature drop could be disrupted, and as a result, so could your body’s sleep cycle. By not letting yourself cool down naturally, you could be in for a restless night.

#2 It Raises Your Sperm Count



A new study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, tracked the underwear choices and sperm quality of 500 men for up to one year and found that those who wore boxers during the day and slept naked had 25% less damage to the DNA in their sperm, compared to those who wore briefs day and night. So if you’re in the market to make some babies, researchers advise wearing loose-fitting boxers during the day and go commando at night.


#3 You’ll Improve Your Sex Life


It won’t surprise you that regularly going to bed with a partner sans pyjamas will bring you closer to one another. Skin-on-skin contact with another person triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin in your brain, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and making you feel more connected to the other person, and as such, increasing your sex drive.

#4 It Balances Your Melatonin & Growth Hormone


Ditching your PJ’s means you eradicate unnecessary heat and by keeping cool, your body can regulate its melatonin and growth hormone levels. These chemicals help the body do things like prevent ageing, and are essential to good health.

#5 Life Is Made Easier



Put simply, not having to worry about getting undressed and dressed at the end of a killer day has got to put your mind at ease. We’re all about your head hitting that pillow as soon as possible, so by cutting out the pyjama middle man you’ll be on your way to dreamland a lot sooner.

So sleep naked, for the sake of your health.


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  • anonymousmale67

    When I’m not wearing my birthday suit, I wear some super-light, super-soft side-split shorts for pretty much the same sensation.

  • Nikos

    Got a link to the product?


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