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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #54

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1 of 7|James Bond Q Boat
2 of 7|Snogo Ski Bike
3 of 7|Han Solo Blaster Flask
4 of 7|Specialized Stump Jumper S-Works FSR 650B
5 of 7|Cinematic Driver Prints
6 of 7|1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV
7 of 7|Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

Screw the jolly fat man in red. You’re a man of your own accord and that means stuffing your own stockings. No coal, no socks (unless they’re awesome socks). Just the coolest toys and gadgets man can throw money at on a weekly basis. Shut up and take it.

#1 James Bond Q Boat

Before Spectre and Daniel Craig there was The World Is Not Enough and Pierce Brosnan. It was a more polished affair back then. Things have changed now, but the cool gear hasn’t. The Q Boat was one of these vehicles that appeared in the 1999 Bond film. It was famously driven down the River Thames and now it can be yours. There were only 15 of these crafts built with 4 being operational. This is one of them, packing a 5.7-litre V8 minus the machine guns (sad face).

Price: $10,000/BUY


#2 Snogo Ski Bike

No one likes trudging through the snow in a crappy bicycle whilst Mother Nature points and laughs at you. If you’re lucky enough to get the white stuff this season, make sure you cruise the streets in style with the Snogo bike – a new mode of transport which combines skiing with bicycle riding. It’s an intuitive system which steers according to how the rider leans and marries it with safety, lightness and controllability.

Price: $1,299

#3 Han Solo Blaster Flask

Chasing outlaws across the galaxy is no easy feat. That’s why you need to have a drinking buddy. No, not you Chewwy, you’ll show up after a few drinks. You can’t buy one just yet due to Star Wars licensing concerns, but we’re sure all it’ll take is some genius with a 3D printer. Hold on Han Solo.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Specialized Stump Jumper S-Works FSR 650B

The guys who brought Formula One technology to bike racing are back. This time they’ve got an iconic re-issue of the Stump Jumper – the world’s first mass-produced mountain bike that went onto the market in 1981. It’s certainly come a long way in 2015, upgrading technology and price tag, but the essence of the bike is still there: to be the bike for all reasons.

Price: $8,600/BUY

#5 Cinematic Driver Prints

Relive the glory days of film stars and their equally iconic cars. From Men in Black To Back to the Future, all of the famous stars and their on-screen characters are reproduced in animated form to help give your living quarters some much needed character.


Price: $5/BUY

#6 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

For a car that’s considered one of the rarest supercars in the world, there’s certainly quite a lot of them popping up lately. But rest assured these are no replicas and the Lamborghini Miura deserves every ounce of recognition. Considered the world’s first supercar, this particular Miura is made even more special as it’s the SV (Spinto Veloce) version.

What you get is the final, most refined version of the car with suspension tweaks for improved handling, wider rear fenders, larger carburettors for better breathing and revised cam timing to create the good noise at 385hp of a big V12. You can head over to RM Auctions now to place your bid.

Price: $2,600,000/BUY

#7 Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

It’s heating up in town and when money is no object, you need a serious piece of kit to keep the searing heat wave at bay. Enter the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan, the product of an aeronautical engineer’s wildest imagination. What you’re paying for is signature Dyson engineering and design – an innovation which guarantees that cool air can be smoothly accelerated across a mid-sized room whilst looking like a million bucks.

And did we mention there are no fan blades? That’s correct. Stick your entire arm through the wind funnel and you’ll get nothing but ether. Other advantages include super quiet operation and killer looks for the man cave or office. The ultimate way for a gentleman to stay cool(er).

Price: $650/BUY


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