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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #53

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1 of 11|Deepflight Dragon Submarine
2 of 11|Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones
3 of 11|Toyota Tonka 4Runner Concept
4 of 11|Toyota Tonka 4Runner Concept
5 of 11|Toyota Tonka 4Runner Concept
6 of 11|Toyota Tonka 4Runner Concept
7 of 11|Bernard Favre Watch Winder
8 of 11|Hot Toys Captain Phasma
9 of 11|Hot Toys Captain Phasma
10 of 11|Hot Toys Captain Phasma
11 of 11|People I Want To Punch In The Face Notebook

It’s another huge week of cool stuff you absolutely do not need. Don’t blame us though, you know you want it too. What’s in the box? Try a personal sub, a real life Tonka truck, Sennheiser’s $50,000+ headphones and a notebook for your (fri)enemies. Make it rain, gentlemen.

#1 Deepflight Dragon Submarine

The ultimate two-person submarine segment has arrived. Requiring minimal training to pilot via its intuitive control system, the compact Deepflight Dragon can submerge up to 122 metres below surface. Quad brushless DC thrusters allow passengers to move forward, backwards and hover in one place with a lightweight lithium-ion battery life of six hours. It’s also very quick and under the sea and designed to cut through the water effortlessly like an amphibious F1 car.
Price: $1,500,000/BUY

#2 Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones

Sennheiser have re-released the original Orpheus headphones from 1991 – a piece of kit that has been labelled the company’s best ever. The 2015 edition includes an old school and expensive tube amplifier to deliver unparalleled levels of audio. The amp is seated in a glass housing which itself sits on a solid block of Carrera marble. The unit delivers a dynamic range of 8Hz to over 100kHz with the lowest sound distortion ever recorded in a sound reproduction system. Keen? Sell your children.
Price: $55,000/BUY


#3 Toyota Tonka 4Runner Concept

Your childhood truck dreams have been brought to life with the Tonka 4Runner Concept by Toyota. If manliness is your game then this car will turn you into a caveman. Tonka-styling runs throughout the vehicle with massive 20-inch wheels wrapped in 38-inch off-road tyres. The suspension is no joke either with a 10-inch Bulletproof Suspension lift kit, custom welded bumpers, sidesteps, ladders, roof rack and interior. It’s a concept for now but all it takes is one rich investor who used to play in the sand pit with Tonka trucks to get things rolling.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Bernard Favre Watch Winder

Treat your mechanical watch to the finest winder currently available on the market. The winder will ensure it looks just as good as your prized timepiece sitting atop your cabinet or bedside table. It rotates in three dimensions and has an LED indicator which displays the status of the winder. A built-in battery which is chargeable via USB also means it can last up to 100 days, making it a perfect travel companion.
Price: $1,400/BUY

#5 Hot Toys Captain Phasma

We know you’ve outgrown your toy phase but believe us when we say this 1/6th scale replica is no toy. It is a fully posable and extremely detailed modelling of Captain Phasma from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film. Definitely up there with one of the greatest Star Wars figures ever made.
Price: $250/BUY

#6 People I Want To Punch In The Face Notebook

When life gives you lemons, you note those bastards down as a future punching bag. The pocket notebook is a stylish and humorous companion to any office space and will most definitely encourage a many snooping eyes. It’s made with a soft buckrum cover and stamped with the message in gold. Perfect for any man’s pocket scribbling and keeping your enemies closer.
Price: $14/BUY


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