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Sonny Bill Williams Receives New Medal After Giving His To Fan

The top bloke of the week award goes to All Blacks centre Sonny Bill Williams for giving his medal to a young fan at the Rugby World Cup.

After beating the Wallabies 34-17 at Twickenham yesterday, young supporter Charlie Lines was tackled by a security guard when he ran onto the field while the All Blacks completed their victory lap.

“…A young fella came running out and he got smoked by the security guard, like full on tackled him. I felt sorry for the little fella,” said Williams after the incident.

Williams scooped up the youngster and lead him into the crowd, leaving him with a hug and placing his winning medal around the boy’s neck.

“Hopefully [the medal] made it a night to remember for him. It’s better that he has it rather than having it hang up at home,” said Williams.

Williams has since received a replacement medal. What a guy.

[via ABC]


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