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This Rare Photo Series Is Porn For Porsche Lovers

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In your wildest, turbocharged dreams, what do you see? If you’re a lover of Porsche, those dreams might look something like this.

Photographer Steffen Jahn was granted exclusive access to the hidden warehouse of Stuttgart’s Porsche Museum, a place so magical it can only be called a petrolhead’s paradise. Outside it’s an unassuming industrial building. Inside, it houses an archive of prototypes, race cars, custom built models and other priceless vehicles from Porsche’s past.

It’s rare that a member of the public is allowed behind these closed doors, and even rarer that one is allowed to photograph it. Jahn was permitted to do both, and he returned with droolworthy images of Porsche’s precious concealed cars.

Everything from limited-edition racing cars to vintage recreational vehicles to motorcycles are stored, secured and secreted away, stacked in protective cases and arranged in orderly rows. It’s a rare spectacle for both casual drivers and enthusiasts alike.


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