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5 Foolproof Looks To Rock This Summer – Part 1

It’s warm somewhere in the world right now. South of the equator, the weather is certainly starting to heat up and thoughts of lazy, long and lavish days on the beach are almost within reach.

European and American gents, fret less – the Canary Islands and Bahamas (eternal summer spots) are only a short plane trip away. And the Christmas long weekends are perfect for a mini-vacay.

Which is why the end-of-year season – wherever you are – really is a great time to think ‘beach holiday’. Wanting to look your best is natural. And with the following men’s summer fashion holiday looks, we’ve got you covered. Now, all you need bring is the sunscreen.

#1 Suave Swim Shorts


Just because you’re beaching it, doesn’t mean all sartorial manners are left back in the office. Tailored shorts – of the slim (though not hot pant tight) kind – are this season’s must-have for swimming. Structurally, they’ll follow the contour off the leg and have pull-tabs or a drawstring for a perfect fit.

In a nod to the Paul Newman beach days and today’s stylish Italian gents, don’t be afraid to don a retro-inspired swim short – cut an two or three inches(depending on your physique) above the knee and in a colour that works with your skin tone.

Patterns are favourable but keep in masculine – and age-appropriate. Novelty prints should be quirky not cringe – shying away from all-over animal prints which look more at home in a kid’s bedroom, than on your thighs.

This last box to tick? Fabric. Look for a pair of swim shorts built with quick-dry technology. Unless you plan to simply lay by the beach and work on your tan.

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#2 Basic T-Shirt


With your bottom half styled, the top deserves full attention. Cotton is everything for the basic t-shirt, picking a naturally-made fabric that is sturdy enough to resist the salt and sand (though the elements are perfect for beach hair) but is soft on the skin.

The cut is a personal preference – crew and v-neck the most common neckline – with scoop necks better worn as a more relaxed alternative, creating a street-beach look.

Then, stock up. You’ll need a few on holiday (who has time to wash?) ensuring you’ve the neutral hues in light shades (think white, grey marl and cream) for counteracting the blazing sun. Leave black, navy and charcoal hues for post-beach time at the bar – the darker colours dressier in appearance, taking you into the summer night.

#3 Statement Shades


If there’s one thing that should be on your summer essentials list, it’s sunglasses. Whether you’re a fan of thin metallic frames or the retro round lens, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to picking your perfect pair.

Vacation is all about throwing caution to the heat-heavy wind. So, look for statement shades, as a way of injecting colour back into your beach look, especially when wearing a neutral t-shirt and plain board shorts.

Coloured or tinted lenses are a vintage-choice teamed with John Lennon-esque round frames, while the classic aviator gives off retro Eighties Miami heat in a neon mirrored lens – and, the opaqueness makes them perfect visual tools for people watching.

#4 Beach Towel


Fashion and functionality is solidly fused in men’s style this season. So, the boring beach towel need not be so meh, anymore. Now a gent can personally shop his favourite colour and pattern. It’s a statement piece – the beach towel – when pulling up your spot on the sand and laying down your bits.

Why not be bold with candy-coloured lines or a geometric print? Or select more classic colours with a Breton nautical stripe or calm ocean blue.  A non-negotiable is the yarn that makes up the towel. Look to pure cotton fabrics which are natural, lightweight and comfortable – opting for linen for something super fine or a thicker thread cotton for superior comfort.

Larger gents or gym junkies, buy a towel that is long (and wide) enough to accommodate your size. And men, the normal rectangle towel is best – leaving the round beach towel for Instagram fashion bloggers and your female beach buddy.

#5 Practical Canvas Bag


Now, how does the dapper gent cart all his essential beach holiday items down to the shoreline? With a practical canvas bag. Built for the military, the reinforced cotton fabric will survive beach-anything – wind, salt and the seething heat included.

Unlike leather, it reflects the heat and is less sticky than the animal hide, especially in light colours – beige, cream and pastel shades (stark white gets too dirty in the sand).

A canvas tote bag is practical and flat (compared to larger carryalls and backpacks) taking you from the hotel to the sand with minimal bulk. And more room to enjoy the sunny break.



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