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Create Your Own Tailored Spirits With Archie Rose

Are you a wannabe mixologist? Do you have a penchant for concocting delicious and disgraceful cocktails for your friends and family? What better way to enjoy a boozy night with your squad than with your own trademark spirits?

Distilling company Archie Rose raises their glass to that idea with the launch of their Tailored Spirits application.

The award-winning distillery and bar is enabling you to create and design your own tailored spirits gin, vodka or whisky online, right down to the name on the label.


The custom application via the Archie Rose website gives you the option to select up to five unique botanical distillates, including apple, lime, liquorice, juniper berry, ginger and more, to add to your bottle of Original Vodka ($85) or Signature Dry Gin ($89). Pseudo distillers are then invited to select the intensity for each flavour, from ‘Just A Hint’ to ‘Full Blown’, and finish it off by personalising the bottle, adding your name or that of a lucky recipient.

For the whisky lovers with cash to splash, Archie Rose also offers the option of a Tailored Single Malt or Rye Whisky in a 20L cask for $4000 or 100L cask for $17000. You can pick your cask wood type, smoke level and strength, but don’t get too excited. For just the 20L cask, you’ll have to wait 2.5 years for it reach full maturation before delivery.

Get your Christmas wish lists out boys.

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