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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #52

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1 of 8|Remote Control R2-D2 Mini Fridge
2 of 8|Remote Control R2-D2 Mini Fridge
3 of 8|Altwork|Station
4 of 8|Vonschloo|L242 Speaker
5 of 8|Visvim | Atelier Umbrella
6 of 8|The Norlan Whisky Glass
7 of 8|The Norlan Whisky Glass
8 of 8|100 Deadly Skills|The SEAL Operatives Guide

It’s that time of week where we scour the world for the coolest gear to throw your cash at. After a life-sized R2-D2 robot which is actually a mobile fridge companion? Done. Fancy yourself more the workaholic? There’s a luxe work station just for you. And if all else fails and you find yourself in strife, we’ve got a survival guide compiled by a Navy SEAL.

#1 RD-D2 Mini Fridge

Your Star Wars dreams is alive. Well for a cool $11,500 it can be. The R2-D2 mini fridge stocks up to 6 cans of your favourite beverage in its cool chiller compartment but the even cooler part is the near-perfect replica of the iconic film prop right down to the authentic lights, sounds and movements. The robot can also be steered around via a wireless remote.

Price: $10,500+/BUY


#2 Altwork Station

Meet the ultimate piece of furniture in office luxury with the Altwork Station. The desk and chair combo will allow the user to sit, stand or lie down according to their preferred working position. The monitor arms themselves can support up to 16kg and include magnets to keep your mouse and keyboard from smashing into your face when you’re fully reclined.

Price: $3,900/BUY

#3 Vonschloo L242 Speaker

Designed to be shown off, the Vonschloo L242 speaker is inspired by the Swiss ‘Folle’ and crafted in solid cement. Textured abrasions meet with smooth metal finishing and wood to deliver superb sound clarity and winning looks for any modern pad.
Price: $2,900+/BUY

#4 Visvim Atelier Umbrella

It’s that time of the year where you’ll often find four seasons in one day, so make sure you brave the torrential downpour in style. With an $8,000 umbrella no less. Unveiled at NYFW, the Atelier umbrella by Visvim is the brainchild of Hiroki Nakamura’s latest creation, using the finest craftsmanship and six months of construction in Paris to produce the final product you see before you. Made of beechwood, fish oil tanned goat leather, brass tipped rattan and skein-dyed cotton, this is not an umbrella for the faint hearted.
Price: $8,000/BUY

#5 The Norlan Whisky Glass

Made for whisky, for whisky lovers. The Norlan Whisky glass will ensure you get to enjoy your finest whisky the way it was intended. Besides looking awesome, the glass itself captures the complex aromas and focuses them where it matters most – your nose.
Price: $35/BUY

#6 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operatives Guide

Failed your entrance exam into the Navy SEALS? Worry not. This handy little guide book compiled by retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson will ensure you’re prepared for surviving a zombie apocalypse. With survival techniques taken directly from SEALS training, the 272-page book also includes self-defence skills, evasion tactics, improvised weapons and immobilising maneuvers. That’s some real Chuck Norris shit right there.
Price: $11/BUY


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