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This Gadget Turns Any Watch Into A Smartwatch

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Hot on the heels of TAG Heuer’s luxury smartwatch comes this new addition to the world of wearable tech: Chronos, the smart disc that turns any watch into a smartwatch.

Smartwatches are a divisive subject. Mechanical watch purists scoff at the thought, while others are sure smart is the future. And there are plenty in the middle: people who love the idea of wearable tech, but haven’t been wowed by the execution so far. Chronos hopes to bring them all together.

The Chronos smart disc is an unassuming gadget – 2.5 mm x 33 mm, made of stainless steel, metal and polycarbonate – that adheres to the back of your timepiece. Once attached, it gives any watch a suite of smartwatch capabilities. There’s a motion sensor for fitness tracking, lights and vibration for alerts forwarded from your phone, and a Chronos app where everything can be customised.


Chronos boasts a 36-hour battery life, thanks to the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 specification, and compatibility with iOS and Android. It’s also surprisingly affordable. You can pre-order the discreet device, due to be shipped in spring 2016, for just $99.00 USD.

Could Chronos could be the winning combination of connected-device functionality, mechanical aesthetics and approachable pricing the world is waiting for?


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