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Video Reveals The Crazy Cost Of Owning A Bugatti Veyron

Everyone knows collecting supercars is an expensive obsession, but it’s still a shock when you hear the actual numbers. Owning an exotic like the Bugatti Veyron could cost more than some mortgages.

Entrepreneur and auto enthusiast Alejandro Salomon borrowed a friend’s Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, one of only 42 ever made, and got the low-down on the astronomical maintenance costs. Hold onto your wallet, because shit’s about to get real.

The Veyron is in a league of its own in every way, including expenses. An oil change will set you back US$20,000. New tyres, which must be changed as a set, cost US$30,000. After the third tyre change, you have to change the wheels as well, ramping the cost up to US$120,000. And this is after paying US$3.2 million just to purchase the car.

If you can afford a Bugatti in the first place, the maintenance charges probably don’t matter to you, but it doesn’t make us cringe any less at the thought of a five-digit oil change.

Side note: where do we find friends who loan us their supercars?


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